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Shandong Xinhe International Trade Co., LTD., I-steel is also known as steel beam, is a type of steel, section for i-shaped strip steel. Its specifications to waist height (h)* leg width (b)* waist thickness (D) mm number of expression, such as “160*88*6″, that is, the waist height is 160 mm, leg width is 88 mm, waist thickness is 6 mm I-beam.

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Main Use

I steel is widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, supports, machinery and so on.

Types and Specifications

I-steel is divided into ordinary I-steel and light I-steel, hot rolled ordinary I-steel specifications for 10-63#. The specification of hot rolled ordinary I-steel supplied by agreement of both parties is 12-55#. I-steel specifications can also be expressed by model number, which indicates the number of centimeters of waist height, such as Gong 16#. If the i-beam with the same waist height has several different leg widnesses and waist thicknesses, it is necessary to add a, B and C on the right side of the model to distinguish it, such as 32A # 32B # 32C # and so on.

Main producing areas

Shandong Xinhe international trade countries are mainly baotou Steel, Laigang, Wisco, Maanshan steel and other few steel production.

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