The price for steel items seam to the bottom price

Review in June, south China construction steel prices as a whole showed a sharp decline. At the beginning of the month, due to the improvement of the domestic epidemic, the mood and mood of market participants in the region also got a certain boost, spot prices were able to rebound briefly; Then due to the south flood season interference, the downstream unit operating rate is reduced, steel consumption continues to turn worse, coupled with the Federal Reserve interest rate rise more than expected landing, the market mentality is pessimistic, in the background of multi-short disturbance, spot price decline expanded.

Scrap steel, due to iron ore, coking coal and other raw materials prices weakened, scrap steel prices have a certain drag; In addition to the low price of timber, resulting in the expansion of short-process steel losses, its production cut ratio significantly expanded, scrap demand turned bad, the price fell. In July, on the one hand, on the international macro level, the Federal Reserve may accelerate the pace of interest rate hikes, and commodity prices will be under pressure. On the other hand, entering the traditional low consumption season, the hot rainy season may continue to inhibit demand微信图片_20220304113059

Post time: Jul-06-2022