The price for steel items has been at the bottom level already

Today in the thick plate market prices slightly higher, most of the performance, demand has improved today. By the end of the close, the main futures market has risen, although the margin is not large, but the market pessimism has changed, the spot market trading slightly improved, spot prices at present Handan reported 4460 yuan, Tianjin reported 4500 yuan, Le Cong reported 4650 yuan, compared with the last trading day up 20-40 yuan. According to business feedback, today’s market transaction performance is acceptable, large shipments significantly increased, early steel joint release of production reduction news, the market has a good support role. The downstream is still wait-and-see in the near future, but due to the early continuous small purchase, raw material inventory has been less, replenishment demand has increased, the market transaction slightly improved, before the deadline, the market turnover was significantly higher than the previous trading day, merchants are still in a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market. The recent market trend is uncertain, although there is joint production reduction news, but some of the steel implementation cycle is short, the market impact is small, the later production reduction plan steel implementation date is uncertain, the market uncertainty. The price difference between north and South markets narrowed, ranging from 130 to 180 yuan. Prices in the north rose slightly, strengthening support for the south market. It is expected that tomorrow domestic plate market prices to maintain shock consolidation trend.


Post time: Jun-29-2022