Shandong seamless steel pipe factory is a comprehensive steel pipe company

Shandong Seamless steel Pipe factory is a comprehensive company producing and marketing steel pipe, the spot market has :10000 square meters of large indoor standard warehouse, warehouse equipped with four 5-10 tons of vehicles, two 10 tons of electronic scales. The market is equipped with 6000 square meters of outdoor space, 20 tons of vehicles, 100 tons of electronic scales, office buildings, canteens, bathrooms and other facilities. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is very convenient. The company has a dedicated storage space, the implementation of mechanized loading, unloading and transportation one-stop service.
In shandong province, mainly engaged in seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe, seamless tube mill, large diameter thick wall seamless steel tube seamless steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, high-pressure alloy pipe, high pressure boiler tubes, seamless steel tube, automotive precision steel tube, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, seamless steel tube spot, high pressure boiler tube, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless tube, precision steel tube, stainless steel pipe, etc.
Market relying on the basis of the seamless steel tube mill in shandong province “, for the spot of global users from all walks of life to provide quality and cheap products, the market all the year round with GB/T8162/8163/3087/5310/9948/6479 standard specifications seamless steel tube, and can also be customized for users with the specifications of the alloy, chemical fertilizer, Marine, American standard and other standard and material special seamless tube. Business: structure seamless steel pipe, fluid seamless steel pipe, boiler seamless steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, high pressure alloy pipe, hydraulic support pipe 27SiMn, Q345B seamless steel pipe, petroleum casing J55N80, etc. Attached with the original factory warranty. Inventory of twenty thousand tons of thousands of varieties, is China’s largest seamless steel tube supply base, in business for many years, first with the domestic produce steel, baosteel, tianjin, metallurgical steel, steel day, HengGang, tonghua, xining, anshan, anyang, wuxi, LuBao and so on several big steel mills set up long-term and stable direct marketing agency relationship, in a foreign country and have pipes such as Japan, Germany, North America, the order contracts.



Post time: Apr-18-2022