Stainless Steel H section Are Used For Construction Industry


Grade:Q195-Q420 Series
Place of Origin:Tianjin, China
Brand Name:Baolf
Model Number:TBF-202216
Application:construction building
Processing Service:Bending, Welding, Cutting
Alloy Or Not:Non-Alloy
Invoicing:by theoretical weight
Delivery Time:22-30 days
Product name:IPEAA Section H-Beam
Technique:Hot rolled,Cold rolled,Galvanized
Shape:Equilateral Angle Bar
Package:Strong Packing
Payment term:T/T,L/C at sight,D/P

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This increasingly prominent use of magnet to distinguish the pros and cons of stainless steel, in fact, is not accurate. Now there are a lot of stainless steel do magnetic solution, so there are a lot of stainless steel imitation of these, to ensure that magnetic belt is very simple and not. While martensitic stainless steel contains weak or no magnetic band, austenite and ferrite contain magnetic band. Therefore, it is not accurate to distinguish the merits of stainless steel by magnet.

We are always thinking about there must be a stainless steel can resist erosion of anything, in fact, so extreme stainless steel profile does exist? Each stainless steel has its special main use, is the purpose of its design scheme. In the research and development of raw material products, considering the cost, corrosion resistance, forming, electric welding and other factors, it is difficult to have all of them. Even if only look at corrosion resistance, it is unlikely to have all kinds of corrosion, often do is to have a certain selection has a certain emphasis on. Ingredients are not the same, the model is not the same MAO!

How to distinguish different kinds of wuxi stainless steel?

The actual accuracy of stainless steel difference or must be technical professional inspection equipment. The word "stainless steel" is not only refers to a kind of stainless steel, it shows that thousands of industrial grade stainless steel, each stainless steel profile will be developed and designed for the special industry has excellent characteristics.

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