The clients from Russia to visit our company and place a big order for NM400

On 17. Jun.2023, the client from Russia come to China to visit us, they are coming for inspecting the NM400 steel plate.

As it is their first time to come to China, and they can not speak English fluent. I have orgnized an interpretor

for them. Unfortunately this interpretor is with the limited ability for Russian language writing and speaking.

It is a bit difficault to understand each other, when we can not understand we just consult from the phone’s dictionary.

At last, we can get the idea what they want to express.


At the morning we get to the hotel to pick them , then we are going through all the market of NM400. The fist destination warehouse which we

went, when we reach the warehouse, the client said they had been here yesterday. We are wondering this is my warehouse , why someone can take

them to our warehouse and told them the wrong fact. After we explain that the client understand us gradually.

They have tested the hardness from all the NM400 steel plates, and they are satisfied with the hardness of the steel plate.

After that we walk arround the steel plate warehouse, and went to the office to negotiate the contract of steel sheet.

At last, we have acheived the succeed contract for 100 tons of NM400 steel plate.

Post time: Jun-22-2023