The market of steel material in the world this quarter

In terms of import, the domestic steel price is far lower than that of foreign countries, and with the development of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the foreign price continues to grow, so there is no room for import temporarily. another

In terms of the whole year, there is not much import demand in China for the time being, but there will be a certain dependence on certain dry varieties, so the import may be the same as last year

In terms of exports, the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine has directly stimulated domestic steel orders, but recently exports have slowed down to a certain extent. According to SMM research, domestic steel mills are in three

Planned export volume growth in April was good, but subsequent growth is limited. At the same time, domestic policy level will bring certain pressure to export. Therefore, SMM believes that overseas

Steel price rise on China’s export drive is limited, the overall volume of exports in the first half of the year is difficult to reach the same period last year, or the second half of the year will be flat, overall exports will be lower than last year. 微信图片_20220224100612 微信图片_20220224100619

Post time: Apr-19-2022