Stainless steel welded pipe in welding should pay attention to what aspects?

We all know that stainless steel welded pipe is the application of stainless steel, which is turned into a tubular form by welding technology. So welding pipe in the manufacturing process, welding is the most important step, often the quality of welding technology directly affects the quality of welding pipe, we should pay attention to what aspects of welding? How to improve the quality of welded pipe by welding technology?


(1) We usually understand that the welding method is to use electricity to welding, when using electricity to welding, we should pay special attention to the way of power supply, must use the power supply with vertical characteristics, and the welding head is connected to the negative pole.

(2) When we welding stainless steel materials, it is best to ensure that the thickness of the steel plate is not more than six millimeters, so that the thickness of the steel plate is easier to weld, and the welding is relatively firm and stable, without certain deformation.

(3) Argon shall be used as our protective gas during welding, and the purity of the gas shall be very high, not less than 99.99 percent, or it is not suitable for use as a protective gas. And the flow rate of the gas used by different currents is also different, and they are negatively correlated, usually the higher the current, the lower the gas flow rate.

(4) If there are impurities in the welding part when we weld, we should clean it in time. We can not keep any impurities, otherwise it will not be conducive to welding. If there is grease, we should also use special detergent to wipe it clean.

These are the technical personnel in the welding should pay attention to the problem, if we want to our welding qualified, ensure the quality of welded pipe, it is best to carry out welding according to these. Comparing welding is a very important part and we can’t slack off.

Post time: Oct-31-2022